Category: First person

Evan Burtt, Kingston, Ontario

In 1979, long before my time, the fuel injected... Suite

Selena Dodsworth, Calgary, Alberta

In mid October of 2015, the Teton Pass Highway... Suite

George Cronkite, Nanaimo, B.C.

Recently I found renewed enthusiasm for my 1973... Suite

Sean Voskamp, Kitchener, Ontario

A few years ago I sold my motorcycle. Since then... Suite

Tom Smith, Tauranga, New Zealand

It was a chance meeting with a past riding buddy... Suite

Téa Demong, Hinton, Alberta

On April 29, 2015, my dad and I set off to Europe... Suite

Jerry Agar, Etobicoke, Ontario

When God piled up the Rocky Mountains He made a... Suite

Glenn Davies, Calgary, Alberta

It’s a matter of attitude. My younger... Suite

Gary Cox, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

By Gary Cox When I was 16, with a part-time job... Suite

Mike Kosinec, De Winton, Alberta

By Mike Kosinec When I moved to Calgary... Suite