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Chris Kempling, Kamloops, BC

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Kendall Damant, Calgary, Alberta

Dorval, Quebec, February 1985. Transferred to... Suite

David McKillop, Toronto

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Steven Clift, Mississauga, Ontario

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David Rusk, Peterborough, Ontario

Al Royer.Just a name lost on a seemingly endless... Suite

John Swart, Fonthill, Ontario

The bike was a 1971 CB450 Honda, bought brand new... Suite

Sue McCrostie, Edmonton, Alberta

My husband Don and I flew to Palm Springs,... Suite

Frank Van Hoof, Pembroke, Ontario

It was a gorgeous clear September day, and the... Suite

Terry Calof, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I want to share with you my re-entry into... Suite

Dean Hadd, Waterloo, Québec

I have been around motorcycles all of my 52... Suite