GASGAS spice it up with 16 all-new dirt bikes for 2024!

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GASGAS is stoked to reveal an all-new generation of motocross, enduro, dual sport, and cross country bikes for 2024! More red, more awesome, and delivering incredible performance, it’s safe to say that things have well and truly been spiced up, with every model equipped with the latest technology. There’s barely a single part on any bike that hasn’t been improved or refined, which just goes to show how new these dirt bikes really are. Oh, and we’ve also brought our enduro technology and know-how to the street with two dual sport machines!

• GASGAS turns up the heat with 16-bike-strong line-up for 2024
• Huge variety of models available means there’s a bike for everyone
• Discover the motocross and cross country bikes today at a dealer near you
• Our six-bike enduro range lands in dealers worldwide from October

Motocross | Turning up the heat!

To GASGAS, it doesn’t really matter if you ride motocross for fun or race to win. What matters most is making sure that all five of our new bikes deliver the very best performance for guaranteed good times in the dirt. For 2024, we’re really turning up the heat in the moto scene. Starting with our little 2-stroke ripper – our beloved MC 125 – through to the race-winning MC 450F 4-stroke, we really do have a bike to suit all types of riders.

GASGAS motocross models are already the best handling dirt bikes out there, but that didn’t stop our engineers from making them perform even better! With each one assembled using new steel frames, new aluminum subframes, and new swingarms, the perfect combination of razor-sharp cornering and straight-line stability is further refined to maximize the fun factor. And to bring our MC 125 and MC 250 2-strokes up to date, both bikes fire into life with the simple press of the new electric start button – there’s none of that kickstart nonsense here anymore. Plus, they’re now fueled by cutting-edge throttle body injection for a crisper response and much-improved on-track performance.

Across the board, all 2024 models are now powered by new, lighter motors, which produce both more torque and more high-revving power than ever before. They’re then fitted neatly inside new frames with a slight backward tilt to lower the front sprocket, centralize the weight, and make the best handling motocross bikes on the planet handle even better!

Discover all the exciting details of each motocross bike here.

Full line-up

MC 125

MC 250

MC 250F

MC 350F

MC 450F

Enduro | It’s time to rock ‘n’ roll!

So easy, and so much fun to ride. That’s what makes our new generation of enduro bikes so competitive! Spicing up the riding experience in the woods, on the trails, and through every extreme section, these new bikes are as good as it gets when it comes to enduro performance. New bodywork not only makes these bikes easy on the eye, but once you’re onboard, you’ll soon notice the larger and smoother contact areas, which allow you to grip the bike tighter as you get on the gas across challenging terrain. It’s 2024. It’s time to rock ‘n’ roll!

We’ve also added four new models – the EC 450F competition machine, as well as the ES 350 and ES 500 dual sport models. The dual sport compliant bikes are more suited to open, flowy trails and feature all of the same top-level components as the rest of the enduro range. We’re talking Braktec brakes, WP suspension, and enduro-specific PANKL transmissions. Knowing just how beneficial a rear suspension linkage is, you’ll find one fitted to every GASGAS enduro bike, to make sure that each one soaks up small chop and hard hits with ease. Make no mistake, the best enduro bikes out there just got even better for 2024!

The outgoing generation of GASGAS enduro bikes were already super agile through the trees and super stable at higher speeds. However, thanks to the new motors across the range that are both lighter and more powerful, the handling characteristics are amplified further! This was achieved by our engineers repositioning the motors inside the new frames to centralize weight and balance things out a little better. Sounds like a small change, but it’s something you’ll really notice when you hit the trails.

Follow this link to explore the enduro models.

Full line-up

EC 250

EC 300

ES 350

EC 450F

ES 500

Cross Country | Spice it up!

Our awesome line-up of five cross country bikes doesn’t go unchanged either. Brand new from front to back and top to bottom, all five models are designed to perform in both the tight stuff, and wide-open spaces. Built to the same high standard as our motocross and enduro bikes, the cross country models combine essential parts from our motocross and enduro ranges such as the fuel injection, larger fuel tank, and 18” rear wheels, to make riding cross country more fun than it’s ever been. In terms of chiseling the chassis, the most impactful change for 2024 is the all-new WP XACT closed cartridge spring forks pulling suspension duty up front. These offer serious performance and comfort while woods thrashing or crossing the open desert.

Check out the full details of the cross country line-up right here.

Full line-up

EX 250

EX 300

EX 250F

EX 350F

EX 450F

New 2024 motocross and cross country models are shipping to authorized GASGAS dealerships now! Enduro and dual sport riders will need to wait just a little longer though, with the all-new range arriving in October.

Main picture: ES 350. Photo credit: GASGAS.

Source: GASGAS


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