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The launch of Hot Poc+ hand warmers took place on December 1, 2023. This Quebec company founded by Sabrina Hémond created this product that is reusable up to 100 times for outdoor and winter sports enthusiasts, but this one could prove useful for motorcyclists or simply for people who are cautious.

Photo credit: Hot Poc.

I loved:

– It produces an appreciable heat source of around 55 C.

– Easy to use, you just have to press the metal disc to activate it.

– The fact that it is reusable and ecological. One Hot Poc+ replaces 100 disposable sachets containing approximately 2,000 g of charcoal. What produces heat is a solution supersaturated with salt.

– Its price: Approximately $0.10 per use with the purchase of the pack of four Hot Poc+.

Place the Hot Poc+ in a mitten pouch. Photo credit: Joani Hotte-Jean.

I least liked:

– Its format. If you wear tight-fitting gloves, it will be difficult to get the Hot Poc+ into them. On the other hand, it fits well in a mitten and it’s even better if it has a pouch for this purpose.

– The sensitivity of the metal disc. After boiling the Hot Poc+, I accidentally reactivated it twice. It is best to remove it from boiling water with tongs, holding it by one corner.

How to use it?

First use:

  1. Click firmly on the metal disc to activate the heat generation process. You may have to press several times the first time you use it: this is completely normal.
  2. Feel the heat in less than three seconds as soon as the color of the liquid becomes opaque.
  3. Slip the Hot Poc+ into a mitten or clothing pocket to enjoy approximately 30 minutes of warmth.
Boil the Hot Poc+. Photo credit: Joani Hotte-Jean.

Subsequent uses:

  1. Immerse the Hot Poc+ in boiling water for five minutes or until the liquid becomes translucent again.
  2. Remove the Hot Poc+ safely from the water and allow it to cool.
  3. To reuse it, click on the metal disc.
  4. Boil it and repeat the process up to 100 times.
Photo credit: Hot Poc.

“The launch of the Hot Poc+ is part of our mission which aims to change consumption habits by offering reusable heating pouches which we are convinced will become the new international standard. An instant heat source, this new product will contribute to reducing our environmental footprint by significantly reducing the amount of waste generated by traditional disposable hand warmers. The popularity of the outdoors and the fragility of our planet remind us of the crying need to develop ecologically responsible solutions that meet the needs of athletes and all members of the family in cold weather,” says Sabrina Hémond, president and founder of Hot Poc.

Sabrina Hemond, president and founder of Hot Poc. Photo credit: Hot Poc.


Offered at MEC (Mountain Equipment Company) stores across Canada.

Price: $37.99 for a box of four Hot Poc+

* Hot Poc donates 1% of its revenue to organizations, including Protect our Winters Canada, and for carbon offsetting.

Hot Poc Sleeper ECO. Photo credit: Hot Poc.

Also to discover: the Hot Poc Sleeper ECO, it is an insulated pouch (like a sleeping bag) with a Hot Poc+ to protect your smartphone from the cold. Your battery will last longer. This one is made from used coats made by people in social reintegration.

Colors offered: blue, white, red, pink, purple and beige.

Price: $37.99


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