Discover the latest custom Indian Chief, the R/T FOUR THIRTEEN

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Indian Motorcycle is excited to share its latest custom Indian Chief, the R/T FOUR THIRTEEN.  In partnership with DicE Magazine, the built-for-the-track Indian Chief Dark Horse was designed and created by Zach Hindes, of Hindes Design. The R/T FOUR THIRTEEN is highlighted by a vintage, 70s-style racing fairing, race-inspired componentry, and fabricated parts including a custom tank and a custom exhaust with a Racefit Muffler. (A full parts list can be found below.)

“The form and function of this motorcycle was very important in this build seeing as it’s a dual purpose machine for road and track. Myself and my team at Hindes Design come from a racing background so we understood the challenge at hand and approached it with that mindset. We worked together with Dean Micetich at DicE Magazine on the styling and final design of the bike and found the perfect blend between vintage inspired track bike and a modern day sport bike. Something that was timeless yet handled to its best ability.” – Zach Hindes, Hindes Design

For paint, DicE Magazine tapped the renowned artist Ornamental Conifer.

“My work is an exploration into the concept of branding in a post-consumer society.

In a world where signage and advertising are no longer required to sell products or drive business there is a risk that our lives could feel empty, at least aesthetically.

As an artist, I thrive in an urban environment, my work relies on it for inspiration.

I love being surrounded by the visual cacophony of advertising and signage but I can’t help imagining, how might it be if the messages we are force-fed daily were messages of social connection, empathy and optimism?

How would we, as a society, evolve if this narrative had the same weight and could issue the same impact as major brand messaging carries today?…

Over the past few years I have worked on developing a visual language that is synonymous with myself, the artist. Intentionally presenting myself as a brand, offering an alternate world in which the mental health of its inhabitants, and the protection of its environment are taken at least as seriously as the amassing of wealth …

My need for the city to inspire my work is balanced equally by my need for nature to sustain, nurture and bring meaning to my wider world.”  – Nicolai Sclater / Ornamental Conifer

The R/T FOUR THIRTEEN custom Indian Chief Dark Horse will be on display throughout the 2023 Bike Week in Daytona Beach, FL at the Indian Motorcycle display on Main Street.


  • Designed by Dean Micetich & Scott Jones
  • Build & Fabrication – Zach Hindes / Hindes Design
  • Paint – Ornamental Conifer
  • Engine – Stock Thunderstroke 116
  • Transmission – Stock 6 speed
  • Exhaust – Custom Stainless Steel by Zach Hindes
  • Muffler – Racefit
  • Frame – Modified rear section from twin shocks to mono shock & modified swing arm by Zach Hindes
  • Front Forks – Modified from single disc to to dual disc by Zach Hindes
  • Wheels – Custom by Roland Sands Design – 17 inch rear / 19 inch front
  • Tires – Dunlop
  • Brakes – Beringer
  • Gas Tank – Custom by Zach Hindes
  • Footpeg mounts – Custom by Roland Sands Design
  • Racing Fairing – Vintage 1970’s modified by Zach Hindes
  • Seat Pan – Vintage 1970’s modified by Zach Hindes
  • Wiring – Custom by Motoary

Main picture: Photo credit: Thaddeus James.

Source: Indian Motorcycle


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