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The Montreal company EWOOL, founded in 2013, recently launched new third-generation sock covers and glove liners equipped with powerful heating systems. Motorcyclists will be well equipped to face the cold in all seasons.

It is often the extremities of the body that become icy first. It is therefore important to keep hands and feet warm in order to feel more comfortable outside when the temperature drops. EWOOL’s heated glove liners and sock covers feature a haptic (vibrating) control button that allows you to select from three heat levels without having to remove your clothing.

Charging is done through the new patented SnapConnect magnetic connector. So you don’t need to remove the battery from the products. The indicator lights show battery power, all four lights will stay on when fully charged. The latter are also washable (you must remove the batteries BEFORE hand washing them in cold water and hang them to dry) as well as resistant to friction.


Glove liners were designed to be worn under a pair of gloves or mittens or as is in mild weather. Their heating fabric, made of waterproof electrical components (IP671), runs through and warms each finger individually. It is therefore completely safe to use them if it is raining or snowing. Fitted and stretchy, they offer good dexterity for performing manual tasks. Need to make a phone call or send a text? You won’t have to take them off.

Do you have the second generation glove liners? What is the difference with the third?

  • Charging is done by magnetic connection.
  • Vibration indications have been improved.
  • Charging indicator lights have been added.

How does it work?

  • To turn them on or off, press and hold the button for 3 seconds.
  • To change the heat level, press the button. The number of vibrations and the color of the light indicate the level of heat.

How long can you wear them? Depending on the heating power selected, their 22 W battery offers an autonomy ranging from 2 hours (maximum) to 7 hours (minimum).

Stay warm for up to 7 hours

Low (pulsed white light + 1 vibration): 7 h

Normal (white light + 2 vibrations): 4 h

High power (red light + 3 vibrations): 2 h

What’s included in the box:

  • 2 x heated glove liners.
  • 2 x 22 W batteries from EWOOL
  • 1 x SnapConnect Charger.
  • 1 x wall adapter for USA and Europe.
  • 1 x storage pouch.

Sizes available: XS to XL

Price: $379


The perfect complement to the heated glove liner, the FlipMitts pair of flap mitts keep you warm in colder weather. Their magnetic removable end allows you to perform a task requiring precision or to use a touch screen. Note that these mittens do not have a heating system, they simply replace a glove or a mitt while offering a perfect fit, when worn with the EWOOL heated liner.

Sizes available: XS to XL

Price: $129


As for heated sock covers, they are worn over your socks (technical, wool, city or other). You can use them to keep your feet warm during your motorcycle rides in spring and autumn. Their warming fabric, hidden in a stretchy and comfortable textile, diffuses continuous heat above and below the toes, the areas most prone to frostbite.

The heel of the sock covers is open, allowing you to wear it with a wide range of boots for more comfort and to increase the durability of the product. However, you should avoid contact of the heated stocking cover with bare skin, you should always wear socks underneath.

How long will you be able to benefit from their heat? Depending on the power selected, their 22 W battery will offer autonomy ranging from 3 hours (maximum) to 8 hours (minimum).

Stay warm until 16 hours

One battery*:

Low (pulsing white light + 1 vibration): 8 h

Normal (white light + 2 vibrations): 5 h

High power (red light + 3 vibrations): 3h


Two batteries*:

Low (pulsing white light + 1 vibration): 16 h

Normal (white light + 2 vibrations): 10 h

High power (red light + 3 vibrations): 6h

* Per stocking cover.

Box contents, care, and operation of heated stocking covers are similar to glove liners.

Sizes available: XS to L

Price: $398


  • Before using the glove liners or heated sock covers, you must ensure that they are dry.
  • Regardless of the product used, you can purchase a set of two additional batteries for $149 to stay warm longer. Each of the sock covers has two sockets to connect two batteries at the same time.
  • You got the wrong size? You can exchange your order for free for a period of 30 days.
  • Glove liners and heated sock covers are guaranteed for one year.
  • The power of each battery begins to weaken after approximately 300 charge/discharge cycles.
  • EWOOL manufactures METRO and PRO+ heated jackets for women and men.


I tried the glove liners, the pair of Flip Mitts and the heated sock covers in temperatures ranging from 0 ̊C to -10 ̊C during my daily walks. I confirm that I was not cold, rather that my feet were really warm and had to reduce the heat to a minimum. The use of flap mittens is useful in the evening as well as when it is windy and the temperature drops. They fit snugly over glove liners when you might feel cramped if you use your regular mittens.

I loved

  • The size of the products. I have small hands and feet and I must admit that I was worried that the products would be too big. I confirm that this was not the case, the sizes XS were perfect for me. Before buying, look carefully at the size guide and take the time to properly measure your hand or choose the right size for your shoes.
  • The flap with magnet of the Flip Mitts. Everything stays in place and is more practical and elegant than Velcro.
  • The power of heat. I didn’t use the highest wattage, even at -10 ̊C, and I’m a chilly person, so you’ll be warm when the mercury drops even lower. The diffusion of heat is continuous and it is very easy to switch from one mode to another.

I least liked

  • I wear a smartwatch and feel a bit cramped when I put on the glove liner on my left hand. It would be nice if it was possible for the part above the wrist to be a bit larger or adjustable. However, I found a trick: I put the glove liner of this hand before my coat, so it’s easier to put it on properly.
  • In full sun outdoors, I relied mainly on the vibration to change modes since I could not clearly distinguish the indicator light; on the other hand, it lights up very well at night.


1 What is the IP67 rating? This means that the product is totally protected against dust. It is also protected against the effects of temporary immersion in fresh water (less than one meter, less than 30 minutes).


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