Yamaha Announces New 2023 XMAX Scooter

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Featuring Dynamic Styling and Connectivity

Yamaha Motor Canada is excited to introduce the new 2023 XMAX 300. Receiving a complete overhaul with updates that will improve overall styling and rider experience, the XMAX 300 is ready to prove itself as the leader in the world of Sport Scooters!

All-new XMAX 300

For 2023, the new XMAX 300 comes with an even more dynamic look and feel to further underline its status as the ultimate mid-sized Sports Scooter that inspires a genuine and special pride of ownership. While being careful to retain its distinctive and much-loved MAX character, Yamaha’s styling designers have created all-new bodywork with radically new lighting that fully engages and thrills the rider. Offering high levels of agility in urban traffic while also delivering a sporty riding experience with class-leading comfort, the new XMAX 300 is built to exceed the expectations of new and existing MAX owners.

Yamaha’s styling designers have focused on creating a whole new look with a more flowing and tightly packed body that accentuates the machine’s outstanding sports character and manoeuvrability. Virtually every part of the XMAX 300’s sleek and sporty exterior has been redesigned to create an even more impressive machine that offers the very best balance of performance, style, comfort and functionality.
Changes are much more than skin deep, though. XMAX 300 riders can now also benefit from Smartphone connectivity and Garmin compatible navigation through the new multi-theme 4.2-inch colour TFT instruments.

Dynamic and Futuristic New Body
XMAX 300’s front fairing has been redesigned for a futuristic, tightly condensed look that gives it unrivalled presence on the street. More angular upper panels with a straight leading edge convey a feeling of strength, and the new fairing is complemented by the fitment of newly styled fork covers.

Its bold and sporty new looks are reinforced by the fitment of higher-mounted flashers either side of the windscreen that are clearly visible to other road users when the rider is filtering through dense traffic. When viewed from the front, the new fairing and fork covers form an inverted triangle that reinforces the sense of agility.

Tightly Packed, Mass-Forward Profile
The all-new front fairing is complemented by a new side profile that features a much more condensed and athletic look accentuating the dynamism and sporting character of the new XMAX 300. The distinctive and iconic MAX family boomerang side covers have been redesigned to create a forceful and tightly packed mass-forward body design that gives an impression of forward motion and strong performance – even when standing still.

On the machine’s left side, the new three-dimensional boomerang styling gives a smooth and strong visual flow from the unit swing arm through to front of the seat and then on to the front wheel axle to create a connected and coordinated look. It’s the same on the right side, where the boomerang gives an uninterrupted flow from the muffler through to the front wheel to give a left/right symmetrical design that underlines the new XMAX 300’s premium looks and high-quality coordinated finish.

XMAX 300 is equipped with motorcycle-type front forks, and the new mass-forward bodywork and flowing lines focus attention on the machine’s front end and accentuate the feelings of agility. The new model also benefits from scratch-resistant body panels next to the passenger footrests, and the new boomerang incorporates left- and right-side outlets that route heat away from the engine.

Smartphone Connectivity and Navigation

The XMAX 300 is equipped with one of the most impressive Sport Scooter dashboards. This comprehensive instrumentation features an all-new high-tech 4.2-inch colour multi-theme TFT infotainment display that gives the rider Smartphone connectivity. The screen can also function as an onboard navigation system.

The built in Communication Control Unit (CCU) enables Bluetooth connectivity between the scooter and the user’s Smartphone. Once Yamaha’s free Y-connect app is downloaded – and the device is paired with the machine – a range of functions can be accessed.

The 4.2-inch colour TFT display can receive messages, emails and notifications that can appear on the display. Riders can play music and various other Smartphone functions can be activated, making each ride a unique and more engaging experience. A wide range of other information and services can be accessed, including volume, weather, language, machine and riding information – and much more.

Garmin Navigation System
After installing the Garmin StreetCross app on a Smartphone and connecting to the XMAX 300, riders can utilize the Garmin navigation on the 4.2-inch colour TFT infotainment screen. This sophisticated system enables searches by location name and various other methods via the Smartphone.

Once the route is set, the rider can zoom in and out using handlebar switches. The Garmin StreetCross app provides real-time traffic information, as well as speed limits, destination air temperature, distance remaining, estimated time of arrival, and possible hazards such as upcoming sharp corners.

Separate 3.2-inch LCD Speedometer
A 3.2-inch LCD speedometer is located above the new 4.2-inch TFT display and provides easy-to-read information that is detached from the infotainment screen for added clarity. Keeping the speedometer separate enables the rider to switch functions on the multi-theme TFT while still being able to always see speed and other important running data, regardless of which screen is selected on the new TFT meter.

Radical New X-shaped headlight and Taillight
The XMAX 300 features a radical new face in the form of a distinctive X-shaped headlight/position light layout that is unique to this new model. The ultra-modern appearance perfectly matches the all-new bodywork, giving the 2023 machine an instantly recognizable and futuristic look that distinguishes itself from other models.

The redesigned LED taillight incorporates brake lights that form an X shape when lit and features integrated rear flashers for a sleek and coordinated appearance. The new front flashers are designed to be easily seen by other road users in congested traffic conditions.

New Seat with Improved Ground Access

The seat on the new XMAX 300 is redesigned for a more comfortable ride together with easier leg reach to the ground. The shape of the taper at the front of the seat is revised, making this scooter even more enjoyable in stop/start traffic conditions.

Riders can use the large under seat storage space for carrying everything from provisions to gym gear, and it can accommodate two full-face helmets when parked.

Slimmer and shorter, the newly shaped seat also contributes towards the tighter and more compact looks of the new model.

New features:
• All-new styling: dynamic, high-quality MAX look
• 4.2-inch colour TFT infotainment multi-theme screen
• Smartphone connectivity
• Garmin compatible navigation system*
• 3.2-inch LCD speedometer
• Distinctive new X-shape LED headlight and X-shape LED taillight
• Reshaped seat with good fit and excellent leg reach to ground
• Leather-style seat cover and lid covers
• New-style aluminium footplates
• Special semi-metallic gloss finish on plastic body parts
• High-mount front flashers

Continued Features:
• Powerful and economical Blue Core 300cc engine
• Motorcycle type front forks
• Traction control system
• Smart Key keyless ignition
• Under-seat storage for two full-face helmets**
• LED position lights and flashers
• Two-position adjustable windscreen
• Adjustable handlebars
• 12V outlet
• 15-inch front wheel, 14-inch rear wheel
• Front and rear disc brakes

Source: Yamaha Motor Canada


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