MV Agusta: Full throttle ahead in an extraordinary year

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A striking relaunch, and a spectacular model year 2022 roster; limited series that went sold out a few minutes from launch; new segments and new markets; a capillary and ever expanding dealers network; new alliances and prestigious partnerships; new eclectic connections with the fascinating worlds of fashion, design and culture; a year of self-discovery, amidst the giants and the legends that wrote the history of this company and of motorcycling, and that are now shaping its future. And above all, beauty: timeless, breathtaking beauty that makes your heart flutter. Never as in this past year has MV Agusta been so true to its soul, innovating and creating the legends of tomorrow in its passionate quest for perfection.

Timur Sardarov, CEO MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. commented: ”This past year has been incredibly intense. It was also very important for the future of our company: it was the year of our great comeback, amidst all the difficulties everyone in our industry had to face. Yet we were able to stay the course, open the throttle and gain momentum. We started by tackling the longstanding issue of the “concordato”, settling all outstanding debt with creditors ahead of time; then we accelerated, concentrating on our new models. All were received with enthusiasm by fans and critics alike; Then we got out of our comfort zone and created a new e-mobility division, with a line of incredible electric vehicles, and won the bet; We went even further and found synergies with the fashion universe, creating a new collection of streetwear apparel and collaborating in art projects; We kept expanding our dealers network, further improving the standards of post-sale service and assistance; We will shortly announce the official opening of our flagship store here in Milan; Finally we set on an inner journey of exploration and rediscovery of our heritage, and found an intact and untamed spirit of adventure that we had never lost. We then embarked on a wild project, which has already won the hearts of thousands around the world: of those who haven’t forgotten were we come from, but also those who are too young to remember. We are coming to EICMA filled with satisfaction and with a spirit of great anticipation. We can’t wait to share all the extraordinary novelties we have in store for all MV Agusta fans and motorcycling enthusiasts.”

MV Agusta MY22 RANGE

The Rosso range, including Brutale Rosso, Dragster Rosso, Turismo Veloce Rosso and F3 Rosso, represents the perfect gateway to the MV Agusta universe: essential yet devoted to details, it offers all the MV magic formula at the most competitive price.

New colour shades have been added to the Turismo Veloce Lusso and Turismo Veloce Lusso RC models, now available also in metallic carbon black and matt metallic dark gray.

News also come from the Dragster range. The RR goes on sale in two new colour scheme options, in particular: fire red with intense black and dark gray; pearly metallic yellow with deep black and matte metallic dark gray. The Dragster RR SCS adopts the same new colours.

Brutale 1000 RR.

The Brutale 1000 RR and Brutale RR are dressed up with a stunning colours combination. The first is available in metallic carbon black, mamba red and matte metallic dark gray. The 800, instead, is offered with a colour choice that matches fire red and intense black.

Lastly, even the amazing models of the Superveloce range have been refreshed. The standard trim benefits from two further colour options, which enrich the rider’s choice up to four. The first includes the appealing combination of pearly metallic yellow and matt metallic graphite, embellished with glossy black for the wheels and frame. The second features a beautiful rosso Ago married to a silver Ago, again with wheels and a glossy black frame.



The new F3 RR introduces a significant evolution on a successful project, since its launch,  in terms of first-class technology, on-road and on-track effectiveness with design and engine evolutions. The redesign of the frame plates, with particular focus on the swingarm area, has led to an increase in torsional and longitudinal rigidity.

The147hp engine retains its powerful character and adds advanced crankshaft main and connectingrod bearings to reduce friction. Moreover, the redesigned countershaft contributes to reduce inertia and further enhance reliability.

The exhaust system has been entirely revamped to augment the power and torque curves while meeting Euro5 emissions standards. The F3 RR has undergone a specific in-depth aerodynamic study, with the goal to improve the dynamic behavior of the whole bike. The wings, positioned on the sides of the fairing, are made of forged carbon and are capable of producing a load of 8 kg on the front end at 240 km/h coupled with the advanced carbon fiber air intake. Among other refined  elements: a higher windshield and new aerodynamic front fender which enhances the airflow to the radiators.

Brutale 1000 RS

Based on the Brutale 1000 RR engine, frame and single-sided swingarm, the RS now becomes more affordable, thanks to dedicated Marzocchi fork and Sachs shock absorber. The focus is to improve comfort while extending its spectrum of use as well. The seat has specific, more comfortable padding; the handlebars have been raised and the footpeg position has been developed in order to make the riding position less extreme with respect to that of the RR. What’s more, engine and electronics follow the evolutionary path of the RR, with a continuous refinements that improve reliability, efficiency and functionality in whatever use condition.

Brutale RR 1000 Nürburgring.

Brutale RR 1000 Nürburgring

The foolish idea of ​​designing the most extreme 4-cylinder Brutale ever took life in the midst of the hellish corners of the most famous circuit in the world, precisely the North ring of the Nürburgring, the famous Nordschleife. Developed in partnership with the renouned German racetrack, the new Brutale RR 1000 Nürburgring comes in a specific metallic silver base which perfectly contrasts with Nürburgring red brushstrokes. More power and less weight were the only project goals. This was achieved with latest generation BTS carbon fibre  wheels combined with CNC-machined hub. The result? A spectacular bike agility. The special kit available for each model includes the dominating full titanium exhaust system, an offshoot of MV’s experience in SBK and built in collaboration with Arrow. To increase the downforce on the front end an exclusive wing has been added and located just above the headlight for maximum efficiency. The new MV Agusta Brutale goes on sale in limited and numbered edition of 150 units only and is immediately recognizable also from the dedicated plate embellishing the steering plate.

Superveloce Ago.

Superveloce Ago

MV Agusta pays a tribute to the legend with a unique limited-edition series of the Superveloce, now an even more exclusive top-of-the-range Superveloce Ago. Following the iconic MV Agusta F4 Ago and F3 Ago debut, the paths of the glorious Italian motorcycle manufacturer and those of Giacomo Agostini meet once again to give life to the most technologically advanced and exclusive Superveloce ever. A unique bike that will remain forever in the hearts of all the passionate motorcycle enthusiasts. MV Agusta has handcrafted 311 units, the first 15 of which are dedicated to the 15 world titles won in his spectacular racing career. The elegant fuel tank, characterized by an unmistakable racing form thanks to the refined leather strap, is offered with a celebratory carbon fibre plate. The Bergamo-based champion’s personal signature represents a further indelible value which makes this piece of motorcycle art even more desired by collectors. Many elements characterising the fairing are hancrafted in carbon fibre while the Öhlins suspension are fully-adjustable. The new Superveloce Ago features a unique kit, which includes the captivating asymmetrical Arrow, immediately recognizable by the two silencers on the right side and one on the left. Its specific livery comes in refined grey/silver which exquisitely contrasts with a vivid racing-inspired metallic colour named “Rosso Ago”.


Lucky Explorer Project is inspired by the pride of a great history, founded on the unforgettable successes achieved in the world of rally raid and off-road racing.

The epic two wheel history on the African continent is made up of machines, men and extraordinary adventures, which deserve a new key in a range of products of unrivaled quality and charm. 5.5 and 9.5 are their names, two brand-new bikes which trace their roots in their racing heritage but are also at the forefront in terms of design, powertrain, technical contents and electronics.

5.5 version.


Developed in close collaboration with the partner QJ, the 5.5 has undergone a real revolution in terms of style and technology – exclusive and unprecedented – if compared to the starting model. That is true for the two-cylinder in-line engine, which has grown in displacement up to 554 cc ensuring richer torque curve and an even more pleasant delivery. The electronic engine management system has been optimised to offer the ideal marriage between performance and safety. The stylistic inspiration derived from the great African rallies is truly evocative while the careful attention to detail contributes to make the difference.

9.5 version.


The 9.5 truly introduces a gateway to the future in the shape of a premium adventure bike, based on the new MV Agusta 950 engine, powered by class-leading technology and close to that racing spirit of the original Elefant. Research in the design sector has been particularly extensive, with the aim of creating a unique bike: contemporary yet classic, fitted with a steel chassis characterized by a closed double cradle structure. The all new three-cylinder in-line engine has grown to 931 cc, while remaining almost identicle in size to the extremely small dimensions of the 800 engine. The 9.5 clutch comes in two versions: the automatic SCS variant and the standard, featuring the technologically advanced CYBORG electro-actuated gearbox, offered as an option.


The same passion inspiring the out-of-the-ordinary performance of every single MV Agusta motorcycle concentrates in an unprecedented expression of the e-mobility project. The MV Agusta universe focused on design, performance and technology represents in fact the basis of a range of e-bikes that is unique in terms of technical features and functionality, not to mention elegance and ease of use.

The whole process, from design to assembly phase, develops in Italy according to craftsmanship standards that have made MV Agusta a worldwide reference point. Such Italian style and experience combined with class-leading quality deserved a suitable new house. That is why in the Morazzone (Varese) new factory plant R&D staff and workers who assemble e-mobility vehicles work together, also thanks to a network of suppliers that makes the most of Italian skills and values with the extensive use of Made in Italy components.


The AMO R entry-level model, offered in three color variants, features internal cable routing, carbon transmission belt and an essential beauty, perfect for those who want to approach to the world of e-bikes or for those who simply love plain and beautiful objects.

AMO SV retraces the retro lines of the amazing MV Agusta Superveloce. Offered in two colours (black and red), this bike features Pirelli Angel GT Urban tyres, Brooks Crambium C17 saddle and Magura hydraulic brakes. Just like the top spec Superveloce range, its charm lies behind the perfect equilibrium between classic flavour and modern technology.

AMO RR aims at the uncompromising magic touch of the MV Agusta Rush 1000. It comes in four colours, two of which are completely new (gray-yellow and gray-red). The AMO RR mounts the very effective Pirelli Angel GT Urban tyres, new knobs and a completely refreshed saddle, which now results even more comfortable.

AMO RR Pinion represents the state of the art of advanced technology, developed in the name of performance. Pinion Drive Technology means 6-speed gearbox and transmission never so smooth and fast, with technology derived from the cars sector. The aim? An even more rewarding ride, reducing at minimum the heavy wear of the bike and its components.

AMO RC Pinion is at the top of the MV Agusta e-bike range. It embodies the essence of e-mobility concept, as an alternative key to the racing spirit brought in everyday life. A 9-speed version of the gearbox with Pinion technology makes this vehicle even more enjoyable and versatile, rewarding with smooth shifting and at the same time offering maximum transmission durability and reliability.

On the list there is also the EVO concept, which represents the link between MV Agusta motorcycles and e-bikes, thanks to its ability to get the most out of these two planets. Its structure focuses in particular on the carbon fibre monocoque frame and single-sided support for the rear wheel and brake system. In short, a truly example of high-end technology, as the rear hub reveals which also acts as a support for the transmission belt and allows the user to change the wheel quickly and without removing any pieces.



A further approach towards a mobility even more multilateral is testified by the choice of a new MV Agusta kickscooters range. Rapido and Morazzone concept represent a very smart idea of ​​mobility, for added safety and practicality.

Rapido Serie Oro e-kickscooter can count on lightweight magnesium alloy frame, powered by a 500W brushless electric motor. Among other main features: 6,5” diameter wheels are combined with dual hydraulic disc brakes. Full-LED optical groups and large displays complete its unparalleled equipment. It is noteworthy the generous 50km autonomy and top speed of 25km/h. The beautiful livery in classic black/gold/red colour scheme bears the colours of the company from Schiranna.

The catalogue still includes Morazzone. This new e-concept embodies a blessed contamination between class-defining technology and classic features. Power and state-of-the-art electronics make travelling fast, safe and comfortable.

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Main photo: Superveloce 2022.

Source: MV Agusta


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