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The MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RS takes all the outstanding features of the Brutale 1000 RR to a more accessible level. The Brutale 1000 RS shares the same platform with the Brutale 1000 RR, the most powerful hyper-naked in the world. Both bikes have in common some stand-out features, such as the engine with titanium connecting rods and radial valves, the frame, the single-sided swingarm as well as the Öhlins electronic steering damper while the manually adjustable fork and single shock absorber are RS’s exclusive elements.

The Marzocchi fork and the Sachs single shock absorber, both adjustable, ensure superior performance in fast riding and meanwhile guaranteeing an excellent comfort when getting around for on-asphalt adventures. The on-board comfort is further enhanced by the the new one-piece saddle featuring a softer padding, not to mention the revised clip-on handlebars – another distinctive trait of the Brutale – which now result raised compared to those of the Brutale RR. The rider can even count on specifically developed footrests, to ensure a rewarding riding position. And it is the unprecedented riding position dedicated to the Brutale 1000 RS that identifies this model as suitable for a wide spectrum of use, which includes, for example, long-distance journeys mixing highway and suburban sections. All this, of course, in the name of performance without however neglecting an eye on comfort.

Engine, unstoppable improvement

The 4-cylinder engine with radial valves, an exclusive element of the MV Agusta models not only within the segment but throughout the current motorcycle scene, continues its development path through the improvement of components aimed at reducing internal friction.

The new MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RS is powered by an extraordinary engine, which adopts high-end materials. A clear example of this is the titanium connecting rods, a one-of-a-kind solution within the naked segment. Titanium is also used for both the intake and the exhaust valves, thus underlining a technical setting that improves output and boosts torque, worthy of a true superbike. The central timing chain is the latest evolution of what was developed on the 1000 RR. It adopts a further optimised camshaft timing and aimed at making the torque curve at med-low revs even more effective. The use of the DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating for the valve control tappets reduces friction and enhances reliability. This goal is achieved also thanks to the use of specific gears for the primary drive; the whole
transmission is particularly resistant and reliable, especially in the extreme starts guaranteed by Launch Control. The third generation EAS 3.0 (Electronic Assisted Shift) sees the introduction of an additional sensor, to ensure more precise and smoother shifting. The four-outlet exhaust, an unmistakable MV Agusta stylistic touch, is characterized by the sound-design of the main manifold, which emphasizes the immediately recognizable Brutale tone, in full compliance with the Euro 5 regulations.

Electronics package, more complete than ever

State-of-the-art electronics of the new Brutale 1000 RS is the fruit of a relentless development activity. The new IMU detects the motorcycle position in space and in real time, providing the control units with truly reliable data.

This means an extremely precise and effective management of all controls. Thanks to this platform, the FLC (Front Lift Control) traction and wheelie controls protect the safety of the rider, while the system remains “performance-oriented”, offering maximum acceleration in the specific conditions of use. The FLC, in particular, takes the wheelie under control instead of entirely preventing it, with the added benefit to improve perfor mance and riding pleasure. The new cornering ABS uses the MK100 Continental system, ensuring the best braking control even when cornering, and preventing low side crash. The 5.5” TFT panel, extremely complete and able to communicate with the MV Ride App, allows to set all the bike parameters directly from the smartphone; it also offers many exclusive features, such as the recording and sharing of route itinerary. Thanks to the mirroring function, it is possible to use the RS instrumentation with turn-by-turn navigation. Each function is easily accessible through the joystick positioned on the left block. Moreover, the TPMS tyre pressure monitoring sensor is available as an option.

Frame, more comfort and efficiency

Radical. Compact. Extremely light. The MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RS chassis is largely shared with the Brutale 1000 RR, and this consequently places this bike at the top of the hypernaked segment.

Some specific changes to the set-up make it extremely enjoyable to ride, even along winding roads. With the new MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RS versatility meets ease of use. The adoption of mechanical suspensions, namely the Marzocchi fork and the Sachs single shock absorber, represents the optimal formula capable to cover a variety of use. The suspension adjustment range is wide and offers the rider the possibility to effectively customise the setting, according to his own taste and riding situation; ease of adjustment represents another strong point of the components selected for this model.

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