Suzuki Canada proudly introduces the 2022 Hayabusa to the Canadian Market

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Suzuki Canada is thrilled to introduce the 2022 Hayabusa to the Canadian market. features all Hayabusa information for the Canadian market, as well as an option for buyers to reserve a 2022 Hayabusa, as we anticipate strong interest and limited supply. Buyers can reserve theirs with a choice of colour with a $500 deposit.

The 2022 Hayabusa will be available on a reservation-only basis until summer 2021, at which point a very limited quantity may be available at Suzuki-authorized dealers. Those who wish to ensure a 2022 Hayabusa is available for them should reserve early to avoid disappointment.

For enthusiasts who wish an immersive introduction to the 2022 Hayabusa, they are invited to view the official launch via Suzuki Motorcycle Global Salon (SMGS), a virtual communication designed to showcase this exciting update of the original that remains Suzuki’s flagship product. Suzuki Motorcycle Global Salon (SMGS) is available via a downloadable app designed for PC use (a smartphone app is coming soon). SMGS enables the user to view display motorcycles just as if they were in an actual showroom or to watch the unveiling of new motorcycle models just as if they would when attending a live show.

Suzuki’s Hayabusa – The Ultimate Sport Bike
When it launched in 1999, the first generation Hayabusa shocked the motorcycle world by delivering a whole new level of speed, power, and performance. It instantly gained the title of the world’s fastest production motorcycle and gave birth to the ultimate sport bike category. Despite the industries self-imposed limit on top speed, Hayabusa’s outstanding performance across all metrics combined with its nimble handling and eye-catching appearance have kept it in the forefront of the Ultimate Sport Bike category for two decades.

2022 Hayabusa – A combination of classic features while leveraging the latest technological innovations
The new generation Hayabusa was carefully created by engineers and designers to enhance the characteristics that made the original Hayabusa so groundbreaking. The new Hayabusa strikes the perfect balance: it delivers all the excitement of the original, along with a nimbler handling and a more comfortable ride. Engineers have developed this new Hayabusa to deliver more torque and more power through the low to mid-speed range where riders spend much of their time in daily use and while touring. In addition, the new Hayabusa is equipped with an array of advanced intelligent electronic controls that let riders choose how the bike will respond and perform in various situations and conditions.

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