Szoke Resumes his Winning Ways at ICAR

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Jordan Szoke began his bid for his 7th Parts Canada Superbike Championship in fine form today, winning the season opener aboard a Honda CBR1000RR at Circuit ICAR in Quebec—his 30th career national superbike triumph. He also took victory riding a CBR600RR in the the pro sport bike category. Both races saw 17-year-old upstart Jodi Christie, piloting a Honda CBR600RR, steal the holeshot from polesitter Szoke, but relinquish the lead to the defending champion before the end of the first lap, which in both cases he then held until the end. But Szoke had a hard time shaking Christie , taking the sport bike contest by just 0.503 seconds and the main event by an only slightly fatter margin of 0.668 seconds (despite having a 400cc advantage in the latter race).

“I get older and I keep getting these younger and younger guys chasing me,” said Szoke, admitting surprise at Christie’s performance. “It’s a long race and I thought I might be able to break away, but Jodi stuck right there.”

“I was trying really hard and I thought I could make a move on the last lap but I messed up the chicane,” said Christie, who won last year’s HJC Pro Rookie of the Year award. “I knew it was doable and I tried hard to stick behind him. I have to be satisfied with my weekend.”

Joining the two Honda riders on the podium, in the sport bike and superbike races respectively, were Suzuki pilots Jean-Francois Cyr and Kevin Lacombe.

The Parts Canada Superbike Championship resumes with a doubleheader weekend at Race City Motorsports Park in Calgary June 25-27.


Pro Sport Bike Round 1 Circuit ICAR – Mirabel, QC 

1. Jordan Szoke, Brantford, ON, 8 laps, Honda CBR600RR 

2. Jodi Christie, Keene, ON, +0.503, Honda CBR600RR    

3. Jean-Francois Cyr, Ste. Adele, QC, +11.31, Suzuki GSX-R600  

4. Frank Trombino, Kleinburg, ON, +15.198, Honda CBR600RR      

5. Cody Matechuk, Cochrane, AB, +16.428, Suzuki GSX-R600       

6. Kenny Riedmann, Belfountain, ON, +18.46, Triumph Daytona 675

7. Dave Estok, New Smyrna Beach, FL, +18.643, Buell 1125R      

8. Darren James, North Vancouver, BC, +27.616, Buell 1125R     

9. James Collins, Kaladar, ON, +35.719, Yamaha YZF-R6  

10. Scott Rupert, Gadshill, ON, +40.593, Suzuki GSX-R600       

11. Marie-Josee Boucher, Montreal, QC, +41.778, Honda CBR600RR 

12. Sebastien Tremblay, Sherbrooke, QC, +42.113, Honda CBR600RR (5 sec. Jump Start Penalty)

13. Alain Campagna, Mascouche, QC, +40.985, Yamaha YZF-R6      

14. Billy Shields, Unionville, ON, +41.305, Yamaha YZF-R6

Fastest Lap: 1:25.529 by Jodi Christie on lap 2

Did Not Finish 

Genevieve Lesieur, Quebec City, QC, Suzuki GSX-R600    

Did Not Start

Robert Busby, Brantford, ON, Kawasaki ZX-6R    

Louie Raffa, Ste-Marthe, QC, Yamaha YZF-R6

Point Standings

1. Jordan Szoke, 56

2. Jodi Christie, 45

3. Jean-Francois Cyr, 39

4. Frank Trombino, 32

5. Cody Matechuk, 29

6. Kenny Riedmann, 28

7. Dave Estok, 25

8. Darren James, 23

9. James Collins, 21

10. Scott Rupert, 19

11. Marie-Josee Boucher, 17

12. Sebastien Tremblay, 15

13. Alain Campagna, 13

14. Billy Shields, 12


Parts Canada Superbike Championship Round 1 Circuit ICAR – Mirabel, QC

1. Jordan Szoke, Brantford, Ont., Honda CBR1000RR, 18 laps

2. Jodi Christie, Keene, Ont., Honda CBR600RR, +0.668

3. Kevin Lacombe, St-Cesaire, Que., Suzuki GSX-R1000, +14.71

4. Frank Trombino, Kleinburg, Ont., Honda CBR1000RR, +24.45

5. Mike Ferreira, Mississauga, Ont., BMW S1000RR, +26.934

6. Francis Martin, Sherbrooke, Que., BMW S1000RR,+32.042

7. Alex Welsh, Uxbridge, Ont., Kawasaki ZX-10R, +34.965

8. Andrew Nelson, Kars, Ont., BMW S1000RR, +34.989

9. Cody Matechuk, Cochrane, Alta., Suzuki GSX-R600, +45.626

10. Jean-Francois Cyr, Ste-Adele, Que., Suzuki GSX-R600, +45.996

11. Kenny Riedmann, Belfountain, Ont., Triumph Daytona 675, +56.711

12. Marie-Josee Boucher, Montreal, Que., Honda CBR600RR, 1:23.706

13. Ross Millson, Hamilton, Ont., Suzuki GSX-R1000, 1:25.483

14. Scott Rupert, Gadshill, Ont., Suzuki GSX-R1000, 1 lap

Did Not Finish

Louie Raffa, Ste-Marthe, Que., Yamaha YZF-R6, 13

Franklyn Dominguez, Montreal, Que., Kawasaki ZX-10R, 2

Sean Huffman, Kemptville, Ont., Suzuki GSX-R1000, 1

Did Not Start

Alain Campagna, Mascouche, Que., Yamaha YZF-R6

Martin Ricard, Montreal, Que., Kawasaki ZX-10R

Sebastien Tremblay, Sherbrooke, Que., Honda CBR600RR

Margin of Victory: 0.668 secs.

Fastest Lap: 1:25.289 by Jordan Szoke on lap 8

Point Standings

1.Jordan Szoke, 56

2. Jodi Christie, 43

3. Kevin Lacombe, 37

4. Frank Trombino, 32

5. Francis Martin, 29

6. Mike Ferreira, 29

7. Andrew Nelson, 26

8. Alex Welsh, 25

9. Cody Matechuk, 21

10. Jean-Francois Cyr, 19

11. Kenny Riedmann, 17

12. Marie-Josee Boucher, 15

13. Ross Millson, 13

14. Scott Rupert, 12



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