MotoCzysz 100HP Plug’nPlay e-Powertrain

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MotoCzysz has developed a plug-and-play electric motorcycle powertrain called the Electric D1g1tal Dr1ve (eDD) claiming 100 hp and 250lb/ft of torque. With figures like those, the new e-motor has a distinct performance advantage over rival offerings from companies such as Agni (last year’s TTXGP winner) and Mavizen (TTXGP founder Azhar Hussain’s outfit). Added to that is the fact that it is currently the only in e-racer powerplant in  the world to feature hot swappable batteries. The eDD, a.k.a. “the suitcase”  houses  a proprietary controller, motor, and 8 batteries. MotoCzysz will be using the eDD on their 2010 E1pc D1g1tal Superbike, which they’ve entered into the 2010 Isle of Man TT Zero, and in an effort to help fill the grid they’re offering the game changing e-powertrain to other teams as well.

Available with or without batteries MotoCzysz’s suitcase chassis has been designed to be highly adaptable and allow modular motorcycle construction. The eDD can be mated with virtually any existing litrebike swingarm and front end of the user’s choosing.

As further incentive to e-racer privateers, MotoCzysz is offering a $10,000 sponsorship to the first 15 teams to purchase an eDD system,  reducing the cost of the complete suitcase with batteries from $42,500 to $32,500 (USD). A batteryless eDD can also be had for $25,000. 

MotoCzysz Electric D1g1tal Dr1ve Specifications


Voltage                                    240V+

Power                                      75kW/100hp (continuous)

Weight                                     77lbs/35kg (complete with pump and plates/mounts)

Diameter                                  254mm/10″

Width                                       190mm/7.5″

Cooling                                    liquid (oil)

Efficiency                                  93% (under continuous load at 2X 70c operating temp)


Voltage                                    240V

Current                                    335A

Power                                      85kWh

Weight                                     17lbs/7.7kg

LxWxH                                    335x205x90mm/13.2×8.0x3.5″

Cooling                                    Liquid (water)

Efficiency                                  95%

Battery Pack: individual

Voltage                                    29.6 (nominal)

Capacity                                   40Ah

Weight                                     17.5 lbs/8kg

Energy Storage                         1.25kWh (1.2kWh nominal)

Discharge                                 10c peak

High voltage                             direct contact to buss

Low Voltage Data Link            via infrared

Hot swap                                 yes

Voltage monitoring                    yes

Thermal monitoring                   yes

Digital status readout                 yes

Alarm status LED’s                   yes

Total ESS

Voltage                                    240V

Capacity                                   40Ah

Weight                                     140lbs (17.5lbs X 8) /63.5kg

Energy storage                          10kWh (9.6kWh nominal)

Complete eDD System

Total Weight                             255lbs/115kg

Total Length                             635mm/25″

Total Width                              320mm/12.5″

Total Height                              675mm/26.5″





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