Bikes to Tell You When You’re Too Hot?

By Cycle CanadaPosted on

The European Commission (EC), a road safety organization, would like to see technology capable of warning motorcycle riders when they’re speeding, cornering too fast or too close to the vehicle in front, become mandatory on all new road bikes within five to six years.

A prototype of the system will begin trial testing this June in the UK. An EC-funded research project called Saferider will equip at least nine bikes with the technology, including a Yamaha Tenere an X-Max 250 scooter, and a Piaggio MP3 Hybrid.

Satellite navigation and speed limit maps will warn riders when they’re speeding and a “curve speed warning” feature will tell them rider when they’re approaching a bend too fast.  Sensors will detect objects ahead and warn riders if there’s a risk of collision. 

The system is being developed with an option to use a head-up display projected onto the rider’s visor.

Dr. Roberto Montanari, technical manager of the project, at Italy’s University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, said: “We are in the development phase and the riding side will be done in June.”  


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