Dakar Rally 2010: Hatton’s Woes Continue

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After forgetting his time card and having to beg race officials to not disqualify him during the first stage, Don Hatton’s 2010 Dakar Rally adventure hasn’t become any easier. According to Don’s wife, Hatton, along with a number of other competitors got food poisoning, and spent a sleepless night hooked up to an I.V.. The food provided to the racers in the bivouacs is “absolutely disgusting,” claims Hatton.

Fighting nausea, dehydration and a malfunctioning onboard tracking system, Don survived a couple of heavy crashes riding the stage 2 special yesterday to finish in 141st position, 2:19:35 behind stage victor, French Yamaha 450WRF rider, David Fretigne.

To top it of, according to race officials, Hatton has already amassed over one and a half hours in time penalties.

“Just remember I am riding this for a finish not a win, ” said Hatton to his wife.

Canadians Patrick Trahan, Rick Hatswell and Andrew Scott are also all still in the hunt, finishing stage two in 97th, 128th and 135th positions respectively.



2010 Dakar Rally Stage 2 Results

1. FRETIGNE (FRA) YAMAHA 03:59:20 00:00:00

2. CASTEU (FRA) SHERCO 04:00:03 00:00:43

3. COMA (ESP) KTM 04:00:28 00:01:08

4. DESPRES (FRA) KTM 04:02:10 00:02:50

5. MANCA (ITA) KTM 04:04:09 00:04:49

6. RODRIGUES (PRT) YAMAHA 04:05:00 00:05:40

7. VILADOMS (ESP) KTM 04:07:06 00:07:46

8. DUCLOS (FRA) KTM 04:08:28 00:09:08

9. FARIA (PRT) KTM 04:09:51 00:10:31

10. FARRES GUELL (ESP) APRILIA 04:10:12 00:10:52


2010 Dakar Rally Overall Standings

1. CASTEU (FRA) SHERCO 05:50:45 00:00:00

2. DESPRES (FRA) KTM 05:52:55 00:02:10

3. FRETIGNE (FRA) YAMAHA 05:52:59 00:02:14

4. MANCA (ITA) KTM 05:59:28 00:08:43

5. VILADOMS (ESP) KTM 05:59:33 00:08:48

6. RODRIGUES (PRT) YAMAHA 06:00:12 00:09:27

7. FARIA (PRT) KTM 06:04:36 00:13:51

8. FARRES GUELL (ESP) APRILIA 06:05:39 00:14:54

9. DUCLOS (FRA) KTM 06:06:08 00:15:23

10. STREET (USA) KTM 06:07:29 00:16:44




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