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With its innovative details and iconic design, the Superveloce 800, a celebration of the brand’s glorious sporting history with a modern twist, is destined to become a milestone in the history of the company from Varese, Italy. Designed as an original combination of elements from the past and cutting-edge technology, the Superveloce 800 can rightly be described as extreme. Not just that: the bold character of its forms revolutionises the very idea of classically-inspired bikes.


The CRC Style Centre in San Marino has once again produced exclusive lines, bringing innovation to the vintage motorcycle segment, a field that has seen the same styles reappear again and again for many years. From the very earliest stages of Virtual Styling, the CRC\MV Agusta designers were engaged in immersive and original experiences which capture the imagination with their use of new real-time rendering technology and latest-generation devices, like VR headsets. The shapes of the fairing are very streamlined, fulfilling their purpose of protecting the rider, without indulging in aesthetic decoration for its own sake. The design is so precise that it completely hides all screws and points for fixing items to the frame, without altering the harmony of the surfaces. The appeal of the elongated top fairing, the long and almost hidden tail fairing, and of the large side panels is clear from any angle, creating a three-dimensional, sculptural and richly evocative quality. A multitude of details celebrate and pay homage to the 37 world titles the company has won. At the same time, every glimpse seems to stretch like a bridge towards the present, interpreted with a unique boldness and awareness.

The Superveloce 800 features superstructures made from particularly lightweight and resistant thermoplastic materials, with all thicknesses calibrated in order to reduce the overall weight. Great care has been taken with the paintwork, which consists of many layers of colour finished with a final transparent coat.

The front light cluster consists of an original and efficient poly-ellipsoidal, full LED twin-function element. The LED day running light is built into the bracket for the instrumentation. LEDs were chosen for the rear circular light cluster too, which has also been specially designed for the Superveloce 800.

The instrumentation is derived from that of the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro, consisting of a compact 5” TFT colour panel, in this case featuring dedicated graphic solutions. The menu can be immediately accessed via a multi-functional joystick on the left controls and through special selectors. The instrumentation handles a large number of functions, including incoming calls, messages and music, all thanks to a Bluetooth smartphone connection. Via mirroring, it is possible to avail of the advanced navigation functions offered by the MV Ride App. The app also allows smart-phone access to data regarding bike use and routes taken, which can be enhanced with any multimedia content desired and shared with friends or other app users. And its purposes are more than social: electronic settings (maps, traction control and electronic quick-shift) can also be adjusted from the MV Ride App.


The in-line, three-cylinder engine of the Superveloce 800 continues to embody excellence in motors of this type thanks to its bench-mark performances, incredible thermodynamic efficiency, low weight and general compactness. Among the bike’s special technical features, the use of the counter-rotating crankshaft – a solution which has become ever more widespread over the years – stands out.

The dual overhead camshaft manages the 12 titanium intake and exhaust valves. The characteristic bore and stroke specs (79×54.3 mm) allow 798 cc displacement, with power and torque values equal to those of the F3 800: 148 hp (108 kW) at 13,000 rpm and 88 Nm (8.97 kgm) at 10,600 rpm. In the (optional) dual exhaust for track use configuration, with two exhaust pipes on the right and one on the left, the Superveloce 800 reaches 153 hp at 13,250 rpm. The standard exhaust configuration has three exhaust pipes overlapping on the right side, making all three-cylinder MVs instantly recognisable.

For use on the Superveloce 800, the engine has been completely remapped, with the aim of enhancing the flexibility of output and guaranteeing the usual responsiveness to the throttle.

The electronic set-up refreshes the very full package present on the F3 800: in addition to four engine settings (Sport, Race, Rain and one which is highly customisable, Custom), the Superveloce 800 also offers as standard the MV EAS 2.1 Up&Down electronic gearbox and Traction Control system, which has eight levels and a deactivation option.


The technical basis for the Superveloce 800 is the F3 800, the main dimensions of which are replicated. The side plates and central lattice are also the same as those on the sports F3, while the front and rear subframes have been specifically designed for this model. Naturally, the riding position has been adjusted to make it more comfortable and less restrictive compared to the F3 800, a bike designed for track use.

The options for adjusting the fork and shock absorber have been expanded, allowing the management of the spring preload and the hydraulic compression and rebound.

The fork is a Marzocchi product with 43 mm-diameter stanchion tubes, while the shock absorber is from Sachs. The rear suspension features an optimised link, which it has in common with the F3, designed to guarantee increased comfort when the wheel begins to move. The shock absorber is also specific to the Superveloce 800, having been specially selected for the model.

Functionality and a striking racing appearance are the hallmarks of the Brembo braking system, which combines a pair of callipers featuring 4 pistons, each 34 mm, with 320 mm-diameter discs; the rear calliper has 2 pistons and acts on the braking track of a 220 mm – diameter disc. The Bosch ABS 9 Plus system with Race Mode features RLM (Rear wheel Lift-Up Mitigation), to prevent the rear wheel from leaving the ground when braking.

There is a wide variety of accessories in the aftermarket, including the previously mentioned open three-way exhaust, to be combined with the dedicated control unit; the rear mudguard in carbon fibre; and the tail fairing to transform single-seat saddles. The stunning aluminium alloy spoked wheels are particularly noteworthy.

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