Metzeler Roadtec 02: The Super-Sport-Touring tyre with Dynatread Technology

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  • Two tyres in one, thanks to innovative patented DYNATREAD™ technology which adapts the behaviour from Sport-Touring to Supersport.
  • Key benefits- High grip, both on dry and wet surfaces, easy handling and acoustic comfort.
  • Supersport-derived tread design, dual-compound rear tyres and front full-silica compounds for high performance and riding pleasure in different conditions.
  • Made with more than 43% of bio-based and recycled materials*, a claim certified by an independent third party.

The Metzeler brand presents the new ROADTEC 02 tyre, a perfect mix of technology and sustainability that integrates the most recent technological innovations from the brand, redefining the benchmark for the Sport-Touring segment.

ROADTEC 02 is the first tyre to use DYNATREAD™, the patented adaptive tread design technology that allows it to adapt its behaviour, from Sport-Touring to Supersport, based on the motorcyclist’s riding style: to create almost a new category of tyre, the “Super-Sport-Touring”.

ROADTEC 02 is made with more than 43% of bio-based and recycled materials* as certified by a third party, Bureau Veritas. The use of this type of materials also offers excellent results from a performance point of view.

This new motorcycle tyre is aimed at those who use Sport Touring, Naked, Crossover, Adventure but also Supersport machines and who are looking for a tyre with a sportier appearance and performance than those of a traditional Sport-Touring without giving up good mileage and safety even on wet surfaces.

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DYNATREAD™ is the new patented technology which translates into an adaptive tread design capable of varying the behaviour of the tyre to adapt it to different riding styles and conditions. In other words, in a single tyre you have the possibility of combining different riding styles, from Sport-Touring to Supersport, and ROADTEC 02 is absolutely the first tyre to exploit this innovative technology.

When the motorcyclist has a touring riding style, or in wet conditions, the long grooves of the tread pattern favour the evacuation of water and the correct mobility of the tread compound, helping to offer quick warm-up, comfort and grip expressing the qualities and behaviour typical of a Sport-Touring tyre. However, when a sportier riding style is utilised, typically in dry conditions, greater load transfers and lateral thrusts created by higher lean angles generate considerable pressure on the tyres causing part of the grooves to close, thus increasing the compactness and stability of the tread band. This results in greater support and more direct feedback for the rider to make the most of the grip qualities of the compound, improving riding precision and modifying its behaviour, to become close to that of a supersport tyre.

The front and rear tyres have been designed with the same tread pattern to guarantee the same adaptive behaviour on both axles, as well as improving acoustic comfort.

The tread pattern of the new ROADTEC 02 takes inspiration from that of the SPORTEC M9 RR tyre to achieve a sporty performance and retain the METZELER family feeling, which draws inspiration from the Greek letter π, a constitutive element of the tyre behaviour, providing the correct tyre flexibility and efficient water evacuation.

The tread pattern of the new ROADTEC 02, compared to its predecessor ROADTEC 01 SE, increases the full/empty land/sea ratio, thus increasing the footprint and making it more uniform as the lean angle varies, so as to guarantee a smoother and more precise ride. Furthermore, a smaller presence of grooves leads to fewer interruptions on the tread band, to the benefit of acoustic comfort.

ROADTEC 02 further improves the already excellent wet performance of its predecessor thanks to the use of new full-silica compounds for the front tyres and for the shoulders of the rear ones to optimise chemical grip particularly on wet roads. The centre section and the base of the rear tyres have a high silica content (>80%) to best balance grip with thermal stability.

The rear tyres are dual-compound with the central section extending for approximately 20% of the tyre width, while the remaining 80% is equally divided between the two shoulders. The use of different plasticizing resins differentiates the rigidity of the two rear compounds while offering stability at high speeds, grip when leaning and safety in the wet.

Thanks to years of studies and research on new materials and a careful selection of its suppliers, with ROADTEC 02 it has been possible to create a tyre with more than 43% of bio-based and recycled materials*, a claim certified by Bureau Veritas, the world leader in verifying conformity and certification in quality, environment, health, safety, and social responsibility (to ISO14021 standard). In fact, it is the first line of Metzeler products to be characterized by a high percentage of bio-based and recycled materials, verified by a third party according to the ISO 14021 standard, and produced in ISCC+ certified factories.

The bio-based and recycled materials selected to produce ROADTEC 02 were also chosen for the contribution they can make to the performance of the tyre.

Metzeler ROADTEC 02 tyres are available in the following sizes:

*CCC – homologated
**Dedicated to big Sport-tourers

* Thanks to a combination of physical segregation and mass balance approach. Depending on tyre size, bio-based and recycled content ranges between 14-19% and 28-34% respectively. Bio-based materials are natural rubber, textile reinforcements, bio-chemicals and bio-resins, while recycled materials are – through mass balance – synthetic rubber, silica and carbon black.


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