Mitas gets ready to tear up 2024 speedway tracks with SPEEDWAY, its most advanced tire to date

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  • The newest Mitas SPEEDWAY tire will hit speedway tracks in March
  • Designed to deliver incredible lap times and better grip at top heat speeds
  • SPEEDWAY designed according to FIM regulations and available in TT and TL versions

Mitas is set to launch its new SPEEDWAY tire, designed specifically for intense speedway racing, just in time for 2024 heats. The tire was developed and tested in conjunction with professional racers in Europe, Australia and the USA and meets the highest regulation standards set by the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM).

Gustavo Pinto Teixeira, Head of Mitas Motorcycle tires says: “The new Mitas SPEEDWAY tire is the most advanced speedway tire we have ever brought to market. Its wider tread delivers a more powerful grip for starts and corners, and we know it’s a real game changer when it comes to tackling the track and beating out the competition in this fast-moving sport.”

The new Mitas SPEEDWAY comes out of decades of experience in developing tires made to give racers better traction and handling on a variety of track conditions. SPEEDWAY’s carcass construction brings a wider tire footprint for faster start line acceleration and performance at higher speeds when cornering to deliver top lap times. The tire comes in both Tube Type and Tubeless versions along with a Soft compound version for non FIM regulated heats.

In a sport that’s not just about speed alone, SPEEDWAY is a tire that will let riders excel at top speeds and in high level championship races, right from the start.

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Source: Mitas


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