Anyone can be a two-wheel legend with MotoGP 23 Milestone and Dorna reveal the new design of the career mode

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Milestone and Dorna Sports S.L. reveal the new design of the MotoGP™23 career mode, which has always been one of the most important features of the MotoGP™ videogame franchise. This year, it comes with a renewed and even more realistic, dynamic and social formula. A feature that everyone will be able to fully enjoy, thanks to the new neural aids, a system where realism and approachability meets in perfect balance.

There are many aspects to cover, so let’s go in order.


The much-anticipated MotoGP™23 feature, the Neural Aid System, will help beginners to learn the ins and outs of riding thanks to an advanced AI support system, based on neural network technology. This innovative feature will assist riders with braking, acceleration and handling, for a seamless and more immersive riding experience. The system is carefully calibrated to ensure enjoyment for all, while the players who want to master the game will find in the MotoGP™ Academy the best tools to improve their riding style and performance.

Detailed descriptions will guide the players along the track, teaching them how to ride each section faster and more effectively.


In MotoGP™23, the Career mode starts at the end of a Moto3™ championship. Easier to master compared to the bikes of the MotoGP™, these bikes will allow players to get familiar with the mechanics of this new edition. Depending on the results, players will be able to stay for another season in the same category or move up to Moto2™, or even forge ahead to race directly in MotoGP™. This will satisfy both who wants to experience all the different physics of the bikes and compete against the riders in all three categories, and the players who might prefer to skip directly to the higher class. Before every season players will be able to choose if they want to race a short 10-round calendar or the official one, which includes all the 21* rounds of the world championship.

MotoGP™23 introduces Turning Points, which are key decision-making moments in the game that will affect players’ career. During each season, players will encounter a variety of scenarios, each with different objective to achieve. Depending on the results obtained on track, each career path will take a different turn; for instance, from the initial tests to the Summer Break, based on their performance, players will be able to decide whether to renew with the same team, stay in their class, or move up. Objectives will not only consist of winning races but will also influence motorcycle development, allowing players to enjoy the game’s nuances. This new career design will thus offer long-term challenges that can only be experienced by playing multiple seasons and exploring all the game’s content.


MotoGP™23 has an innovative career mode that shifts the focus from team manager to rider. The career mode adapts to the players’ performance and features a fictional social network that emphasizes the digital personality of their alter ego. The narrative of the game includes comments from opposing riders that are linked to career objectives. The players’ social behaviour will influence the response of the artificial intelligence during the race.

For example, if players are too aggressive on the track, opponents may ask them to behave more appropriately. Players have now the option to comply or to respond aggressively, with the risk to create heated rivalries. This will result in different levels of competitiveness, which will affect the gameplay. In the long term, having a negative relationship with other riders will make it difficult to form alliances. In the end, the game focuses on the consequences of social interactions in the racing world.


In MotoGP™23, having a good reputation is crucial as it affects not only the way other riders react but also the objectives assigned to the players by their team. And beware: failing to achieve them might get you fired at the end of the season! Additionally, the game now offers a more realistic approach when joining a team, with only two spots available, so players will have to compete with the official riders and prove their value. For instance, to become enter the Ducati team, players must first demonstrate their ability with satellite teams like Team Gresini MotoGP, Pramac Racing, or VR46 Racing. Another example of emerging dynamics concerns the newly entered teams such as GasGas Factory Racing, whose overall goal will be to finish in the top 15 at the end of the championship. In case players perform even better and manage to be in the top 10 before the summer break, a turning point is proposed and they will have the opportunity to earn the same bike development upgrades as the KTM official team.


In MotoGP™23, the first rider of each team is responsible for the motorcycle’s development.          To make their voices heard, players will have to demonstrate that the role of second rider is just not enough for them. The Turning Points will allow players to climb the ladder and direct the team’s technical development during tests. This applies also to AI-managed teams, whose motorcycles start with basic parameters and progress as technical development advances, which could result in unpredictable consequences for each season’s rankings. Once in the first rider role, players must analyse not only their own performance but also their most competitive rivals’ and understand how to lead the technical development. Reading the MotoGP™23’s Social Network and the comments of the other riders, players must understand who to keep an eye on. Opponents will change their performances every time, based on the vehicle they are racing on and how they ended the previous season. This will affect the hierarchies within their teams, resulting in each season being different from the previous one.

*Career mode includes Kazakhstan Grand Prix and Indian Grand Prix.



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