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I was quite satisfied with my Scott DualRaid DP, but after three seasons of intense use in all sorts of conditions, I felt like a little change, even if my favourite adventure-style set was still looking fine and showed few signs of wear. So I was eager to try the double layer Dryosphere technology recently offered by the Swiss company in its motorcycle clothing range. Scott now joins the big players with this laminated breathable membrane that promises impermeability and comfort. And it holds its promises on all counts.

This time, I went for the Voyager, a model that is more suited for the open road than for the tight trails where I usually get lost with my DualRaid (now also offered with this membrane). The Voyager is offered in three colour combinations for men, but only in black for women.

Right from the start, I liked the external adjusting straps that prevent the wind from entering the sleeves and allow you to tighten the jacket at the waist. On the road, the slightest air draft can be a pain in cool weather, and we all know that we can get all sorts of weather conditions in a single day in this country! Another positive point is the high collar enhancing protection, and that can be worn open or closed. The pockets are sealed as they should be. The removable lining did not bring much heat for a cold-sensitive girl like me, but it is still useful. In hot weather, I would have liked to have larger air traps, but those in front of the shoulders, in the sleeves and in the back are useful nonetheless.

I am not too tall (1.67 m) but the protecting pads turned out to be well positioned for me. Speaking of protection, Scott installed D3O pads in the Voyager, a material also used by other renowned motorcycle clothing manufacturers, and also in impact sports. Introduced on the market a few years ago, D3O is a material that has the property of hardening under impact, a fall in the case of motorcyclists. I did not have the opportunity to test it and, to be honest, I prefer to just take their word for it! In the case of the Voyager jacket, too bad that the dorsal protection is optional because the back is often hurt in motorcycle falls. But the back pad pocket is there; you can easily add that protection, as well as other ones for the chest.

Of course, you can also get matching pants with the same soft breathable and removable lining, with protection pads for the knees and hips. At the bottom of the legs, there are wide openings to ease the passage of boots, and they close neatly afterwards to maintain a fine style.

Shorter motorcyclists may have a little more difficulty finding the perfect size. Scott seems to have taller people in  mind  and,  of  course,  they  do  not  offer  custom-made products. But motorcycle clothes are not about haute couture; sturdy construction is the important thing and in this respect Scott delivers. Whatever the jackets or pants you choose, you will get solid and comfortable clothing at a price that’s interesting considering the quality.

I believe that a company that offers clothing especially designed for motorcycle riding must produce excellent quality products without necessarily forcing you to spend thousands of dollars. This equipment must be versatile, meaning it must offer protection in case of a fall, but also against bad weather. And that’s something Scott does very well with its Voyager and DualRaid series.


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