Softail “Envy” by Lord Drake Kustoms – Based on a 2001 Harley Davidson Fat Boy

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“ENVY“ is the enemy of the luckiest”

Envy, based on a 2001 Harley Davidson Fat Boy, is one of the jewels of Lord Drake Kustoms crown and in this report you can discover many more curiosities about it…. As for example, The number “76” was very easy to choose …. the year of birth of Fran Manen’s wife…

Or also, the reason for his name “Envy” ; its owner explains that channeling bad feelings into hard work achieves rewards like this…

“Thist is one of our most loved bikes by our followers” tells Francisco Ali Manén”….The builder and owner of Lord Drake Kustoms, explains its construction process and some more anecdotes of this incredible motorcycle, as expressed in this report:

“The acceptance and response of the public with this bike is being incredible, to the point that it has already received two orders to make two units with a design similar to that of the “Envy “

There are many details that make “Envy” so special, from the details of leather integration in many of its parts, as in the front mask, to the simulation of all the wiring inside.

“ENVY” it may seem like a strange name for a motorcycle, but considering that it is probably one of the best Harley Davidson Softail custom to date by Lord Drake Kustoms and one of the modified bikes that has attracted the most, its name makes sense.

This Harley was transformed in the Lord Drake Kustoms workshop in Málaga (SPAIN)

“With this motorcycle, we wanted a transformed Harley that was different from what other bike builders do.

It is not a Cafe Racer motorcycle or a Bobber; It is a motorcycle with a Boardtracker air, a mixture of Old School and Custom styles. Fran tells us: “Some friends and colleagues in the sector who have Cafe Racer workshops in Spain or other types of motorcycle transformation workshops outside the world of Harley Davidson, have asked me several times what style of Moto Custom is this. The truth is that some love it and others hate it.” tells us Fran Manen (owner of LDK).

The tail, the tank, the handlebars, the numbers, the front mask, the front fender or the front grille; These are some of the pieces that have been made exclusively for this Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy transformed on a whim.
Note that all wiring is internal (inside the handlebar, chassis, etc). In addition, it has been embellished the Twin Cam engine with a set of transparent covers. Leather details as in the case of the footrest, handlebars or the front mask itself. If you look closely, you will discover endless more details.

Remember! The “Envy” is bad, very bad, the “Envy” kills … Do not envy anything or anyone, just work hard and everything will come. Transform envy into inspiration and motivation, that’s the secret!
“Envy is the enemy of the luckiest”


Base: 2001 Harley Davidson Fat Boy.
Engine: 1450cc Twin Cam carburation
• Chassis and swingarm.
• Transmission converted to chain.
• Hydraulic clutch.
• Inside wiring of handlebars and chassis (clutch, accelerator, brakes, electrical installation, etc).
• Front suspension: Change of bars, bottles, internal springs and +3 seatposts.
• Rear suspension: Lowering kit.
• Wheels: Fat Daddy wheels 21 “front and 18” rear.
• Exhaust and air filter.
• Handlebars, hand controls, odometers, keypads and indicators (witnesses).
• Fuel tank, Rear neck, Seat.
• Oil tank and brake lines.
• Transparent covers in motor and primary.
• Front mask made of metal and lined in leather.
• Brake discs, front brake caliper.
• Side numbers, exhaust beautifier, front numbers.
• Headlamp, rear turn signals on swingarm, front turn signals on seatposts.
• Covers seatposts (Racer) with leather interior.
• Fuel and oil cap.
• Foot controls.
• Paint in tank and tail, powder coating on the rest of the motorcycle, chrome and gold plating in several pieces.

Source: Lord Drake Kustoms


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