Yamaha Blue Scrambler by Lord Drake Kustoms

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Today we are going to talk about the YAMAHA “BLUE SCRAMBLER”, a motorcycle customized by Lord Drake Kustoms in his cafe racer and scrambler motorcycle transformation workshop in Spain, which will surely attract attention as it passes through the streets.


This Yamaha Scrambler, is the third XT 600 that Francisco Alí Manén and his brand LDK (Lord Drake Kustoms), have recently transformed in Spain and this time they have achieved an authentic scrambler motorcycle with a mythical base with the Yamaha XT 600 of the late from the 90s.


After completely disassembling this bike (by the way, this bike is like new, but it had been standing still for many years), we began by modifying the entire rear and replacing the original 21-inch wheel with a new 19-inch wheel. Regarding the front fork, we have opted on this occasion and at the request of the client to keep the original one that has been somewhat modified.

A new morescramblerfuel tank, a biltwell tracker handlebar and a mask made of metal are some of the elements to highlight in this YAMAHA XT “BLUE SCRAMBLER”. In addition to the nice exhaust system that has been the result of modifying the original collectors and adding a new tail.


The custom-made seat with matching brown upholstery on the rear grips and footrests, since this bike is for two seats, continental tkc 8 tires, a 5.75-inch headlight, a custom-made front fender and a new rear bracket. license plate, all of this work of our brand (LDK) give shape to this scrambler motorcycle customized in Spain.

New odometer, mirrors, turn signals and led pilot, and other small ones such as a lithium battery relocated under the seat, relocation of the ignition key, conical air filters, or the engine guard are some other details in this motorcycle transformed with scrambler style Street tracker.

As for the finishes, matt black throughout the bike, except for the fuel tank that has been painted electric blue with cream tears and gold pinstriping.

For all details, visit www.lorddrakekustoms.com.

Source: Lord Drake Kustoms


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