Single-cycle entering production

PAR Cycle CanadaPosted on

The RYNO, a one-wheeled electric personal mobility device, is apparently ready for production.

The machine balances itself front-to-back, much like a Segway, with the rider maintaining balance from side-to-side. Lean forward and it accelerates to a top speed of around 10 mph, lean backwards and it decelerates – hopefully to a stop. Seat, handlebar and footpegs are similar to a motorcycle’s. To park simply dismount, deactivate the balance system, set the machine down on its integrated parking bumpers and engage the parking brake. 

RYNO Motors is located in Portland, Oregon, and is currently accepting pre-orders for $5,295 US. We don’t know if the RYNO will ever come to Canada (even if it could, we’re not sure it should). Click here to see a video of the RYNO in action. 



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