Top 10 Finish for Canadian Team at Daytona

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Canadian team mates Matt McBride, Andrew Nelson, Larry Orde and Pat Barnes piloted their Suzuki GSX-R600 to an 8th place finish in the final AMA Moto-GT race of the season at Daytona International Speedway on Saturday. 

Winning the 8 Hours at Daytona was team Westby Racing/’s Dane Westby, Dustin Meador, Jeff Wood and Josh Hayes, riding a Yamaha-R6. Crozier Motorsports team mates Michael Barnes, Phil Caudill, Mark Crozier and Dave Estok, coming into the season finale with a lock already on the 2009 Moto-GT1 Championship, finished fifth aboard a Ducati 848.

AMA Pro SunTrust Moto-GT 8 Hours At Daytona
Daytona International Speedway
Daytona Beach, Florida
October 17, 2009
Provisional Race Results:

1. Westby Racing/ (Dane Westby/Dustin Meador/Jeff Wood/Josh Hayes), Yam YZF-R6, GT1, 247 laps

2. Team Suzuki (Chris Ulrich/Martin Cardenas/Jason DiSalvo), Suz GSX-R600, GT1, 245 laps

3. Touring Sport Ducshop Ducati 49 (Ryan Elleby/Matt Lynn/Hawk Mazzotta), Duc 848, GT1, 238 laps

4. R&B Motorsports (Michael Barnes/Phil Caudill/Mark Crozier/Skip Salenius), Duc 848, GT1, 233 laps

5. Crozier Motorsports (Mark Crozier/Scott Jensen/David Estok/Michael Barnes), Duc 848, GT1, 229 laps

6. Touring Sport Ducshop Ducati 77 (Pete Friedland/Corey Rech/Brad Phillips/Brian Stokes), Duc PS1000LE, GT2, 223 laps

7. KRM Racing by Motocorse (Chris Boy/Barrett Long/Fernando Ferrer), Duc PS1000LE, GT2, 223 laps, -111.718 seconds

8. (Matt McBride/Andrew Nelson/Larry Orde/Pat Barnes), Suz GSX-R600, GT1, 220 laps

9. McNology Racing (David McPherson/Mark McCormick), Yam YZF-R6, GT1, 220 laps, -7.436 seconds

10. Touring Sport Ducshop Ducati 38 (Brian Stokes/Dario Marchetti/Frank Shockley), Duc PS1000LE, GT2, 210 laps

11. Pair-A-Nines (Jay Springsteen/Taylor Knapp/Scott Ryan), Kaw EX650, GT2, 203 laps

12. Team MIM/Repsol 17 (Paul Onley/Chris Onwiler/Jeff Purk/Mitch Stein), Suz SV650, GT2, 196 laps

13. Team 69 (Santiago Villa/Russ Wikle/Tomas Puerta/Tyler Odom), Suz GSX-R600, GT1, 169 laps

14. James Gang/Hoban Brothers Racing (Shawn Higbee/Paul James/Jeff Johnson), Buell 1125R, GT1, 168 laps

15. Team MIM/Repsol 26 (Paul Onley/Chris Onwiler/Jeff Purk/Mitch Stein), Suz SV650, GT2, 114 laps

16. Old Pros Racing (Paul Schwemmer/Dave Aldana/J.P. Tache), Tri Daytona 675, GT1, 82 laps

17. Liberty Waves Racing (Eric Pinson/Walt Sipp/David Sadowski, Jr.), Buell 1125R, GT1, 82 laps

18. East Coast Powersports (Kenny Rodriguez/Trey Yonce/Ryan Patterson), Suz SV650, GT2, 70 laps

19. El Rey Beer for Kings 20 (Dave Ebben/Dennis Espinosa/Calvin Martinez), Suz GSX-R600, GT1, 36 laps

20. Team 59 (Tomas Puerta/Rodolfo Ramirez/Jimmy Filice/Russ Wikle), Duc PS1000LE, GT2, 10 laps

21. Team 64 (Robert Fisher/John Linder/Justin Filice/Rodolfo Ramirez), Duc PS1000LE, GT2, 0 laps

Final Championship Point Standings (after 9 of 9 races):

1. Crozier Motorsports, 181 points
2. Old Pros Racing, 130
3. Liberty Waves Racing, 129
4. James Gang/Hoban Bros. Racing, 119
5. Team 69, 116
6. Westby Racing/, 110
7. El Rey Beer For Kings 20, 79
8. El Rey Beer For Kings 22, 72
9. Four Feathers Racing, 64
10. Scooter Superstore, 47


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