Looking for a way to extend your ride?

PAR Uwe WachtendorfPosted on

For the long distance rider who has everything, Omni Medical Systems of Vermont has developed a special set of underwear that eliminates the need for those pesky bathroom stops.

For $2,000 US, you too can ride in the comfort of knowing that won’t have to stop when you have to go. Originally developed for fighter pilots who have very few options when nature called, Omni’s AMXD (Advanced Mission Extender Device) is wonderwear that uses a complicated system of cups, hoses, and pumps to collect a rider’s urine and transfer it into a bag where it is chemically gelled.

The system can also be used by women, although the cup part of the apparatus is replaced with a special pad.

The portable pee pump is powered by either a rechargable 12 volt battery pack, or can be hard-wired directly to the motorcyle’s electrical system.

The AMXD could be the very edge a serious Iron Butt rider is looking for; not only does it spell relief, but it could also spell victory.



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