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Honda CBR1000RRA

With its MotoGP bloodline showing through in every detail, there’s no question that the Honda CBR1000RRA can get around a track in a big hurry. But one of the amazing things about this bike is just how practical it is for everyday riding on the street, too. Its lightweight and compact fuel-injected 999 cc engine produces a seamlessly smooth powerband that’s perfect for a lazy afternoon ride on your favourite twisty road, or for mixing it up with your friends during a fun track day. Honda’s technological genius also shows through in a world’s first: the CBR1000RRA’s Electronically Controlled Combined ABS, the first Anti-lock Braking System designed specifically for the unique demands of sportbikes. Plus, the CBR1000RRA has the kind of seating position that allows you to enjoy the ride, not long for the next rest stop. Available in both Black and eye-catching Repsol.