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By Cycle Canada

October 29, 2009

Recycled Motorcycle Tire

Maybe they could get Garry McCoy to test the new tire.

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Colorado tire-recycling company Magnum D'Or Resources proudly announced Monday that it has produced the first motorcycle tire containing recycled rubber. Made for small displacement machines commonly used in Asia, the tire is currently being put through a test regimen, which the manufacturer says is producing good results.

The company claims that its new tire "utilizes in excess of 20 per cent" of their custom Magnum SRI compound, but also states that Magnum SRI compound only contains 16 percent recycled material, meaning there's only a small amount of reused rubber in each tire.

We're all for recycling though, and Magnum does also have a 98,000 square foot plant in Quebec, so lets hope this develops into something bigger.